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A rigorous selection of kernels for a quality oil

This Moroccan Argan oil offers the best guarantee of quality because special attention is paid to the harvesting and selection of the argan kernels, also known as amandons or arganons.
Indeed, the fruits of the argan are often eaten by goats, which regurgitate the kernel after ingestion. If these kernels are used to make the oil, the oil’s properties and smell are greatly altered. One of our quality criteria is to use only whole fruit, which guarantees that the goats have not eaten it.The fruit is then dried in the sun and the rind is removed. The women then separate the pulp from the stone. After selecting, drying and pulping the fruit, the women carefully extract the arganon by crushing the kernel, which requires a precise, quick and meticulous gesture. The pressing of the arganons is done mechanically by cold pressing on the spot, which allows the oil to have no contact with water and to keep all its authenticity and quality by offering a beautiful golden colour and a very pleasant and sweet smell.

INCI : Argania spinosa Kernel oil


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