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Grasse… World capital of perfumery 

Perfumery is a scientific art mastered by the perfumer, who has at his disposal more than 4000 fragrances, 400 of which are natural, each with itsown note and personality. The “nose” must associate them, “marry” them in subtle harmony until finding the perfect chords, which will enchant oursensitivity.

The perfumer has to take into account not only the smell, its hold, but also the degree of volatility of the different essences that go into the composition of a perfume and their reaction on the skin.

All our perfumes are tested by an independent laboratory and not tested on animals, they meet the cosmetic standards in force, the controls are under the responsibility of the chemist who checks the quality at all stages of manufacture.

-The candle should always be placed on a heat-resistant surface.
– Avoid lighting the candle in a room where children or pets are present.
– Always place the lit candle in an upright position so that the wax will burn evenly. After extinguishing the candle, wait until the wax has cooled down before lighting it again.
– For the candle to burn optimally, make sure to leave a wick 6 mm above the wax.
– Always keep the candle away from the curtains.
– If you light several candle
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