Corsican Maquis 500ml


REED DIFFUSOR – Corsican Maquis


REED DIFFUSOR : Perfume made by French perfumers, craftsmen from Grasse using quality fragrances.

SIZE & TIME OF DIFFUSION: Ideal diffusion for a room of 25 to 40m2Duration of diffusion from 3 to 5 months. Supplied with 5 rattan sticks of 44 cm . Open the bottle and insert the sticks and turn them over twice a week for a more intense diffusion.

CORSICAN MAQUIS : The Corsican Maquis will make you cross the Mediterranean for an escape from the senses, whose floral and woody scents of shrubs warmed by the sun mix with the sea spray from the sea.The powerful harmony of the essences of the maquis, Immortelle, pine laricio, rosemary, juniper is softened by a note of white flowers to make it irresistible.

PACKAGING : The bottle is packed in a black organza bag.
Black box decorated with a ribbon and a black wax seal. Customisable packaging on request

This diffuser is an ideal gift for all those who love to infuse their home with wonderful fragrances.

500 ml

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Grasse… World capital of perfumery

Perfumery is a scientific art mastered by the perfumer, who has at his disposal more than 4000 fragrances, 400 of which are natural, each with itsown note and personality. The “nose” must associate them, “marry” them in subtle harmony until finding the perfect chords, which will enchant our sensitivity.

The perfumer has to take into account not only the smell, its hold, but also the degree of volatility of the different essences that go into the composition of a perfume and their reaction on the skin.

All our perfumes are tested by an independent laboratory and not tested on animals, they meet the cosmetic standards in force, the controls are under the responsibility of the chemist who checks the quality at all stages of manufacture.

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