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The origin of Epsom salt dates back to the 17th century, when people came to drink Epsom waters which was England’s first spa. These waters, rich in minerals, were essentially reputed to be purgative.

Commonly called Epsom salt, it is also known by its chemical name: magnesium sulphate. The term Epsom is a tribute to a town with exactly the same name in England where it was once used in harvesting.

The antiseptic and fortifying qualities were not yet known, but it was understood that in some way they were beneficial to health and promoted longevity. Later, it was discovered through various uses and experiments that Epsom salt could also be used to prevent sclerosis, kidney problems, rheumatism and also being overweight. It is now more frequently used externally in a hot bath to eliminate toxins and alleviate certain pains due to the imbalance of acidity in the body. A good bath therefore proves to be very beneficial in the recovery process after physical effort!

Nowadays, it is obtained from natural minerals, coming from underground deposits. Purification is then carried out by a physical process followed by recrystallization. Epsom salt has antiseptic properties that accelerate healing, restore tired muscles and promote general relaxation.

INCI: Magnesium sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium chloride,

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