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DETOX BATH SALTS with essential oils


Epsom salt is known scientifically as magnesium sulphate.
Medical benefits underline its anti-inflammatory properties.
It is absorbed by the skin when diluted in bath water and in this way it will also absorb toxins from the body.

– Remineralising, it brings its magnesium and sulphur richness to the skin.
– The size of its grains gives it a stimulating exfoliating power for the body while gently exfoliating.
– Combined with plants and essential oils, it promotes muscle relaxation thanks to its magnesium content (comfort for sportsmen and women).
– Helps to relieve joint pain, lumbago, sciatica, rheumatism, tendinitis.
– A healthy way to reduce stress, while promoting the elimination of toxins from your body and increasing cell renewal through exfoliation.
-It can help to let go and has a soothing and liberating role on the mind, which can promote sleep.


– Improves sleep
Oxytocin is a naturally produced hormone that helps you feel calmer and more relaxed to help you fall asleep faster.
– Improves libido
A low libido may be due to a lack of minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium. Pink Himalayan salt contains over 84 essential minerals, which can boost your stamina!
– Relieves muscle cramps
Ideal for soothing sore and painful muscles due to the high content of magnesium and other trace elements.
– Fights bloating and helps water retention
While Epsom salt baths are reputed to be effective in helping to combat water retention and stop bloating, what about those with pink Himalayan salt?
The salts help by extracting water (along with toxins) out of the body, which translates into a good help against orange peel skin on the thighs.
– Soothes stings and blisters
Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, soothes insect bites and painful blisters.


Treats skin problems. Soothes itching and irritation, especially baby’s diaper rash or sunburn. It is an ideal treatment to relieve and treat fungal infections, eczema and psoriasis.

For a relaxing bath,
Add 8 tablespoons (+/- 240 gr) to your hot water bath ( 37°C).
Immerse for 20 minutes and let your body and mind relax.
After bathing, rinse off with clear water and prolong its effects by moisturising your skin with a rich cream or body oil .

For a foot bath
Add 2 tablespoons (+/- 60 gr) in a bowl of warm water.
Soak feet for 10 minutes
Rinse and dry well

100 % NATURAL : Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate) – Himalayan salt, Sodium bicarbonate  – orange essential oil, orange peel – No colouring agents.

Salt should be stored at a temperature not exceeding +25C, out of the reach of children.
Do not ingest


500 GR

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